Author Topic: Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)  (Read 5805 times)


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Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)
« on: 09:58:12, 09/06/07 »
Hi all, first post here!

Me and a mate from work are doing a bit of walking to try and get a bit fitter & get some decent views.

So, i signed up to go4awalk, downloaded some maps, then picked one out that didnt sound too bad.

Hmm, i think i should have picked an easier one for my first go  :P

One major problem was, i was following this route which i printed off & laminated, didnt think i would need anything else, could have done with a compass & a few more points on the route, as we ended up going the wrong way & walking an extra 2-3 miles,  :'(

heres a little diary of the day, which, i have to add, was fanfoooookin tastic!

Already planning our next walk.

Well, went to kielder water Thursday, one of Europes biggest man made lakes, didnt have proper camera with me, but had phone, pics aint that hot, upload them later.

Went to Thrunton Wood yesterday, 10 mile trek, done 10 yesterday, so 10 today cant be harder.

Yeh, right.

Had a good day, but i think i done some damage to my knee.

Started off at 9ish in the car park, looked ok, weather wasnt great, but wasnt raining, so headed off.

Look in the centre of the pic, Roe Deer, was well chuffed with the spot, before i could get another snap, it was offski.

Started climbing, quite easy, ended up with some crazy trees

Random spiders web covered in dew shot

Kelvin doing his catalouge pose


1st peak in sight, huzzah!

millipede of some kind?

Millions of the [censored] all over this Cairn, hadnt seen any up till now, then they were all over the rocks, was well weird!

Views from the top, a dark day so far

We joked that we would be going up there next, shame we didnt know that we were  :cry:

It was a bit steep  :o

But it did offer some cracking views heading up to the top of the highest peak (1047ft!!)

Kelvin likes a pose   :D

Totally awsome views, gutted it was cloudy, still good tho!

On way back down, spotted this little guy in the road, Grass Snake i think.

Then spotted this foot long Adder & nearly papped myself, i was about to sit down for 5! hissed at me quite loud, then done off into the bushes.

All in all, a good day, but im really sore today!


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Re: Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)
« Reply #1 on: 21:57:32, 09/06/07 »
Hiya dude.  Good intro.  Thats an interesting set of pics dude.  Thanks for that.  In all my time walking/hiking I thinkI've seen an adder twice and only once up close, so good find.   You will find lots of useful stuff on here.  Welcome ;D
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Re: Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)
« Reply #2 on: 22:37:19, 09/06/07 »
Thanks mate.

Anyone got any ideas on the millipede things?


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Re: Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)
« Reply #3 on: 14:21:17, 10/06/07 »
Great pictures Mantamark.  Also good wirte up love the last one  thou with that  Adder i never come across thing that this on my outings keep them coming. Oh and a big welcome.  Loads of advice on here as well.
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Re: Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)
« Reply #4 on: 16:38:17, 11/06/07 »
great pictures ................ keep them coming ;D

Making me think about getting my camara out a bit more often


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Re: Long Crag From Thrunton Woods (Northumberland)
« Reply #5 on: 22:32:29, 11/06/07 »

If im going up 1000ft im taking my camera, just asif i got up 10ft.

If its out in the country, i will always take my camera, some amazing sights, and can go back & remember the good times.

Got some dodgy phone pics from the kielder trip (camera was with me, but decided it didnt want to work)

Raining heavy in last pic!

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