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Long Walk with a horse
« on: 11:07:13, 05/09/19 »
A friend of mine is planning a 500 mile walk for a local charity this December/ January which will include taking two horses on the journey. The route is basically around the perimeter of Yorkshire with a few exceptions including New Years Eve at Tan Hill and crossing the River Humber or Ouse at some stage. I am helping with the route plan and would like to know if there are maps showing routes accessible to horses only, i.e. filtering out footpaths to include just bridleways and roads. Any ideas anyone, your help would be greatly appreciated. All this is in support of a local charity, I Choose Life Foundation. Thank you.
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Re: Long Walk with a horse
« Reply #1 on: 22:22:15, 05/09/19 »
Ordnance survey Landranger 50k maps have to be your best option.  Just ignore the foot paths.   The bridle paths,  public and permisive are all shown in glorious easy to read colour.

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Re: Long Walk with a horse
« Reply #2 on: 08:43:53, 06/09/19 »
Lincolnshire have very good 'access mapping' on their website.

Click-On "Activity" - You have a choice of mapping for :
Riding etc etc

So it will show all of the rights of way which you are allowed to use with a horse :

Restricted Byeway
Permissive Bridleway
Unmade Road

Maybe other local authorities on your planned route provide similar ?