Author Topic: walking from Sheffield side of the peak to Manchester side route suggestions pls  (Read 427 times)


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Me and my buddypal, are walking from the right side of the peaks (near sheffield), to camp in Chinley, [/size]SK23 6DT[/size]

and back again the next day

We can start wherever we want, as we are driving to that point, but would have liked to do around 15 miles per day, and from the right(sheffield) to the campsite ISH

We could follow the roads, but i am sure that will be a little boring, ofcourse we are carrying our gear also

Any route suggestions place, or known trails etc

I have looked, but only find circle routes :-(



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I've walked from somewhere along the Hope Valley railway line (not sure it was as far as Grindleford) back to Chinley. Follow the river to Hope (via Shatton and Brough), across to Castleton, then head onto the Great Ridge to Rushup Edge/Lord's Seat, the Roych and down into Chinley. No idea how far that is! You could track the south edge of Kinder and on to Win Hill the other way. The train could take some of the strain :)