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I have been looking for some new rechargeable AA batteries. I have been using Sanyo eneloop 1950 mah batteries but wanted something with a little more life for my Garmin Oregon 650.
After a lot of searching online I have discovered IKEA Ladda  2450 mah batteries. 4 x AA batteries for 5.50.
They are made by the same company in the same factory as the Panasonic eneloops.
I am getting two days use from a pair of these batteries. They come ready charged and are supposed to hold 85%+ of their charge for up to a year after charging. They can be recgarged 500 times ( having bought 2 sets of 4 these should see me out).
Good reviews online and Y**tube.
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I'm still on my original eneloops, in my Etrex 20 I get 3 days  :P  ;D
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