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Re: Gore Tex boots
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You can also get Moabs as boots rather than shoes. I have a pair and they are very comfortable. I havenít worn them in the wet, so donít know how waterproof they are.


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Re: Gore Tex boots
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  I think that comes under the heading of sufficient stimulus.

Where there's a will ...


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Re: Gore Tex boots
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I seem to remember us discussing that issue at the time and I put it down to lack of proper maintenance. From what I remember it turned out that you hadn't been wiping out the inside leather lining with a damp cloth on a regular basis to any remove sweat/salt/dust build up and this eventually lead to the leather lining hardening and splitting causing your problem. You also hadn't put any Berghaus leather conditioning cream (or similar leather conditioner) on the leather lining to keep it soft and pliable and in good condition as Berghaus recommend.
I have never given this a you have created another job for me to remember.. :o O0

I have personally found that Nikwax boot proofing products do not keep boots waterproof for very long at all and seem to just wash away with any prolonged contact with water.

Totally agree...a product that is manufactured to maximise profit for the seller & not much else. imho.. ???
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