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Re: Drinking water fertiliser contamination
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On hiking the Pennine Way I used my Sawyer Walter filter to get water out of mountain streams. No problem until I came to the River Tees and its tributaries- very polluted and for that I used my filter, plus a carbon Britva filter and chlorine tables. Had no ill effect. However, when I was crossing the Cheviots I ran out of water and there was no nearby water source for 24 hours so I had to get water from a bog. I filtered the water twice, used a chlorine tablet and everything seemed fine. 24 hours later I was projectile vomiting green bile - pharmacist told me it was most likely the water source though the vomiting probably saved my life.

My 2pence worth is thus: if you pass a farm and are even tempted to filter water that may be contaminated, simply donít. Sawyer and Britva filters are intended to kill 99% of virusís - NOT contaminants. In any case, if you are near a farm, do what I did between Malham and Keld, simply knock on a door and ask for tap water. I never had a farmer refuse.