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Re: Gloves
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Others here will know I wear PVC gardening gloves over a pair of thin wool gloves.  Cheap as chips and 100% waterproof.

Here you go, yours for 80p a pair.
It seems I forgot to paste a link. These are a bit more pricey? 3.99 LoL

Second time lucky. Yours for 80p + vat

Give them a go.
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Re: Gloves
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The other option is a pair of over mittens like these for a tenner


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Re: Gloves
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I like the 80p gloves, they look a good idea, with a cheap pair of Thinsulate type gloves underneath they I'm sure would be very useful. I'm going to Decathlon tomorrow, I'll have a look at their waterproof mittens whilst I'm there. Although I use a pair of an old Goretex jacket sleeves to keep my hands dry when hiking, as described earlier, still useful to have a cheap pair of 'waterproof' gloves in the car.