Author Topic: Is too much walking causing me a severe chondropathy in my knee?  (Read 425 times)


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I walk around 10 kms a day for some years and my knees and ankles hurt a lot, but in the past months I've been seriously hurt in the knees, so I took an MRI and it says I have a grade 4 (the highest) condropathy in my left knee with an ulcer in the cartilage.

I've seen a traumatologist and he says I can keep walking as much as I want but avoid efforts like climbing stairs or any effort on a 90 angle such as swimming to breaststroke. Additionally I got ecography in my legs and the vascular specialist said I have bad return of my blood in my legs and it pools in my feet, making me hurt and feel too tired and achy.

The question is that I need to walk such distance daily and don't know what to do. My knees and legs hurt a lot and feel better when I rest, although in bed they hurt and need to put them high on the table.

Any experiences among walkers? I am male 54 and in very good shape for the rest. Very muscled legs from so much walking over the years.