Author Topic: A Serendipitous Discovery  (Read 540 times)


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A Serendipitous Discovery
« on: 20:39:47, 15/10/19 »
The other day I bought a set of compression socks in preparation for 2 very long flights in succession.  I tried them on today and found that not only did they compress my calves, but they also relieved the fasciitis like pain under my left heel.  Checked with Dr Google and yes, they can be used the relieve fasciitis - every day is a school day.
These aren't what I bought but are probably more relevant to the forum
Mine are knee length from Amazon
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Re: A Serendipitous Discovery
« Reply #1 on: 21:34:14, 15/10/19 »
I bought one to give a tight achilles tendon a little bit of support until the stretches etc remedy it and I noted they can help with plantar fascitis; wish I'd known that a few years back. Rolling my foot back and forth over a rolling pin for a few minutes each day helped me combat fascitis, not sure If you'll have tried that or not but I found it to be very effective.
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