Author Topic: Unusual or interesting stuff you've found whilst walking ?  (Read 3159 times)


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Pretty much what is says on the tin. What unusual or interesting things have you unexpectedly come across whilst walking.

here's two I've found:

Otford solar system model

Pilcher memorial


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I came across the graves of some plague victims on the moors below Curber edge.


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A skull sticking out of the ground in a church yard
It's all uphill from here.


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 A pair of riding boots sticking out of a bog near Snake Pass on the Pennine Way.Strange thing about them was that someone had set fire to the insides and they were still smouldering!


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Numerous uncharted memorials on the moor.  I enjoy coming across them.  Nearly all are removed by the park authorities once they hear of them, so walkers don't generally tell others were they are.  The Ted Hughes Memorial is one of a few that are allowed to remain.  As it is in the middle of a peat bog it is safe from your average emmit.  Being from Liverpool myself I have enjoyed that spot a few times. Surprisingly tranquil on a foggy cold winters day.  ;)


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Somewhere in the hills near Glen Carron we found a bundle of electrical & electronic equipment with large fine wire mesh panels attached. It was automatic recording & transmitting equipment that was from a weather forecasting balloon
We carried it down to a landrover track, expecting that someone would in turn take it away for proper disposal
The wire mesh panels were radar reflectors

Besides that, there have been the usual forgotten items - hats, gloves, maps, and a rather good Suunto compass that I'm still using
A friend made a habit of what he referred to as 'the habit that dare not speak its name' by collecting that sort of stuff; teaspoons & tent pegs etc - "Ach, the wife's still wearing a perfectly good jacket we found in Dovedale".

Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Back in the late 1990s i was a mature student in Carmarthen college.
Carmarthen still has the largest number of pubs per population in the whole of Wales, and virtually every Sunday evening it was an adventure to walk the town streets, and see how much money you could pick up off the roads.

I remember one evening, collecting nearly 30 in spare change, mostly 5ers and pound coins.

The occasional wallet, did turn up, that was always returned to its owner, but the amount of money lying around after the pubs were emptied, never ceased to amaze me.


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One of the more unusual marking of the OS maps are hydraulic rams, not all that easy to locate even with a fairly clear map reference. I have found a few and one actually working, though if it was even doing the job it was originally intended to do was not obvious. Anyway was happily chunting and gurgling away and for how many years, who knows.
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Near the summit of Great End looking for a pitch spot, I found the business end of a heavy duty garden spade - no handle, just the metal part.


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Two [censored] in separate locations.


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Whilst walking around a lake in France on a hot sunny day I found two full sets of clothes and boots and bras just draped over a boulder. I heard laughter behind me and two young girls, about 18-20, were larking about at the waters edge stark naked. All I could do was say "Bonjour" and walked on. They called out and waved.


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Happily not that unusual in France.  :)
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I sat down on an inviting looking log, with a great view over a valley, with a friend on a walk one time, to eat and drink.
I looked down by the back of my feet and found a plastic clip lock container with what looked like childrens toys and paraphernalia in it. I couldn`t understand who would have put it there and after a brief look inside it, replaced it in the position it was originally in.

I have since learned about geo caching and I reckon that it was a geo cache. I took my daughter on a few walks looking for geo caches, but she didnt seem to get what it was all about...she is a bit obsessive about cleanliness, and some of the geo caches were pretty filthy, having spent what looks like years in the undergrowth, or shoved into the backs of logs, or hedgerows maybe thats what put her off..I love the idea of little geo caches being at the top of Snowdon or other mountain areas though....

Sorry if it offends, when thinking about saving our planet...plastic and all that..I do realise
Walking for me is an antidote to all that rushing around in life that sometimes happens.


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When walking on Lanzarote, came across a fantastic cactus garden and grotto. What made it unusual was that it is in the middle of nowhere and not linked to any property. It simply seems to be a labour of love. You can see some pictures if you go to this web page and scroll to the bottom.

alan de enfield

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A couple of 'domestic' items.

An almost new Motorised lawn mower in a ditch.
I was about 2 miles from home and did get some funny looks on the last 1/2 mile wearing a rucksack and trundling a lawn mower along the road.
Got it home, cleaned the oil out of the cylinder, put some new oil and petrol in, cleaned the plug and away it went - better than my 'old' mower.

A few weeks later walking around / across an old WW2 airfield found an abandoned 'wheely-bin' (modern one - not WW2) took it home and again got some funny looks trundling a wheely bin along a main road. Ideal for keeping the horse food in.