Author Topic: Yeti gaiters?  (Read 528 times)


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Yeti gaiters?
« on: 12:38:34, 16/11/19 »
Today I've finally gotten around to binning my old plastic high altitude climbing boots. They date back to the late eighties early nineties are very old fashioned and I'm never realistically going to need them again.

They had yeti gaiters on them, one pair of Wild Country un-lined blue and black.

One pair of Berghaus lined in green.

Both sized for UK 11 boots.

Does anyone want them before they go in the bin?

Say 3 for post.


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Re: Yeti gaiters?
« Reply #1 on: 16:51:47, 16/11/19 »
I'll take them Owen, wouldn't mind an old pair for SAR use.  I'll drop you a message about details tomorrow, just heading out at the moment.