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TR - Fen Rivers Way (With Video)
« on: 09:25:36, 18/11/19 »
I completed the Fen Rivers Way earlier this year and wanted to share some of the photos and the video with everyone because its quite an enjoyable route which is served by an excellent railway line meaning you can do single day trips, parking at the train station and using the service to arrive back at the start. The stations are conveniently spaced along the trail too and always very close. I completed the route over 5 days but it can be done in less or more.

The walk is a 50 mile route from Cambridge Train Station to Kings Lynn Quay following the River Cam and the Great Ouse.

Guided Walk Video:

Full Trip Reports:

Roman Catholic Church in Cambridge

Crossing a Park in Cambridge City Centre

About 1.5 miles in and you arrive at the River Cam. Its banks are followed until the River Ouse in a few days time.

An old Pumping Station

Waterbeach is the end of the first day at just 7 miles in total, the second day is 12 Miles and ends at Ely.

Swans on the River

This first day is very popular thanks to the cycle path along the riverbank.

Soon to approach Waterbeach.

The riverbank path

Lots of opportunities to stop and spot rare wildlife.

High above the fields

Distant Ely Cathedral - the end of day 2

The end of Day 2 by the Quay at Ely.

I took a 1 mile detour to explore Ely before continuing the trail. This is the earthwork remains of Ely Castle Motte and Bailey.

Many historic buildings.

Ely Cathedral

Back on the trail

A short section close to the road

No more road noise - peace and quiet

The mouth of the River Lark

Day 4 takes you from Littleport to Downham Market and starts along the riverbank right next to the A10 for about 4 miles. Probably the worst 4 miles along the entire trail and reports of Hogweed during summer makes me suggest an alternative along the western bank.

Nearing Brandon Creek marking the crossing into Norfolk

Better Signposting from here onwards.

If you took the Western Bank alternative you will arrive at this bridge to continue the trail.

Downham Market just ahead.

The riverbank trail along the Great Ouse

Ruins up ahead.

St Peters at Wiggenhall St Peter

Approaching Kings Lynn Quay

The official end of the trail. I continued into Kings Lynn passing many historic buildings to the Train Station.

The Minster

Greyfriars Friary ruins

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, just a minutes walk from the Train Station.

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed the photos. :)
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Re: TR - Fen Rivers Way (With Video)
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That looks a really nice walk with lots of interest along the way O0
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