Author Topic: Walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path solo  (Read 546 times)


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Walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path solo
« on: 21:29:22, 26/11/19 »
Hi there, Iím hoping this post is in the right place Ė

Iím planning on walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path next year and Iím looking to speak with anyone who has walked the coastal path and could give me advice on anything involving it Ė specifically any solo female walkers and their experiences as I will be walking on my own and have never done such an extensive walk solo.

I had planned to walk it with a friend who circumstances have now changed but I still fully intend on going ahead with the plan of walking the path by myself.

Iím not doing this as a challenge or to raise money for a charity, this is purely for myself, I donít plan on sticking to strict time schedule or walking from sun up to sundown and completing it in a short period of time.

I have about 20Ė24 days off in total, ideally Iíd like to wild camp along most of the path (I know some places arenít good for this for various reasons) and then book a campsite every third or fourth day.

Links to any informational websites or blog posts would be great. Recommendations for campsites, places to stay, towns to visit, sites to see.

Any advice or info anyone has to offer would be a great help.


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Re: Walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path solo
« Reply #1 on: 07:23:52, 27/11/19 »
I walked it in 2015 but I didn't camp so I can't help you there.  The scenery is absolutely magnificent for the most part, some of the beaches could be mistaken for the Caribbean.  The route is obviously easy to follow with the sea on your left-hand side (if going North!).  It is quite testing in places with the "undulating" cliff paths.  The only major recommendation I would make is eat the baked seafood pie Ė chunky pieces of cod, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns at The Ocean Restaurant in Broad Haven - the best I have ever eaten - hopefully it is still under the same management/chef.  Additionally if you suffer from vertigo it is worth knowing that just before the end near Ceibwr Bay the path is narrow with a steep drop down to the cliff edge and the sea.


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Re: Walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path solo
« Reply #2 on: 21:35:10, 01/12/19 »
I believe walking north is recommended as here in South Wales the wind is predominantly onshore south westerlies. I know cyclists much prefer south to North.

Good luck. Keep us updated
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