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« on: 11:24:30, 07/12/19 »
Has anyone on the forum tried skorts?
I remember many years ago finding walking in a skirt very comfortable on hot summer days (so long ago it was a shortish denim one), and I know some men like walking in a kilt.  So I was eyeing up skorts in the black Friday sales and wondering if they would be the best of both worlds or have the inconveniences of both.
I think I was really trying to decide what they were for - preserving the decencies while scrambling up rocky bits? Not looking too silly for the post walk pint? - I know I don't look my best in shorts these days, but I am past the age of caring.  But every now and then a silly verse my father used to quote, something like "Oh lady clothe your limbs in pants, thine are the limbs my sweeting. You look divine as you advance, but have you seen yourself retreating?" wanders through my mind and I wonder if that is why you wear a skort.
So I was trying to decide whether a skort would be really useful and comfortable, or just another piece of kit I don't really need and shouldn't get conned into buying.


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Re: skorts
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The 6th form girls from our local school use them as part of their uniform kit. So many drivers are distracted when a group of hockey sticks carrying leggy and fit girls walk by wearing them to maximum effect.


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Re: skorts
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... or just another piece of kit I don't really need and shouldn't get conned into buying.

^^^^ this!

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Re: skorts
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We started wearing these when I still played netball and they were great for that. But I donít think theyíre really necessary for walking. Iíd rather wear shorts, and like you Iím past caring what I look like! And anyway other hikers really donít care what we look like. I have a photo of a group of us in one of the huts in the Cheviots at the end of the Pennine Way. It was wet, windy and muddy and we probably looked a right sight!  ;D


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Re: skorts
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A friend of mine wears a skort in Summer & I must admit, I was planning to buy one myself for next years heatwave (I wish!!) :D

I think you should wear what you want to wear & what you feel comfortable in.
End of! O0

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Re: skorts
« Reply #5 on: 15:25:46, 26/12/19 »
I wear my Salomon lycra inner shorts, when the weather is especially hot.
The lycra shorts inside the regular knee length shorts, wick away virtually all the moisture, on a very hot day, and your legs and lower body remain cool, at all times.

Ive never thought about sporting a nice kilt, but even in temperatures above 30C, the Salomon shorts keep me cool.


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Re: skorts
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I've followed this with interest and will add that the fierce mountain tribes in Yemen have long worn futahs, wrap around kilts. British advisors adopted this dress in the 60s when fighting against the Egyptians and their agents in the region, the kilt was a more comfortable and practical choice than the cotton combat KDs or OGs of the time.