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Altberg Leather Scuffs
« on: 20:44:36, 15/12/19 »
Hi everybody

I've been doing a fair bit of training up in the peak district for the Winter Fan Dance. I have a pair of Altberg Bergens which have been brilliant for running in but probably not the best for all the rocks on kinder Scout. I religiously polish them using Ledergris etc but they are getting a few deepish nicks and scuffs around the toe area.

I know it's going to keep happening but any polish I put in/on them seems to quickly disappear. I appreciate they wont be parade boots lol but is there anything I could use to try and save them for a bit longer? It's probably not worth taking them to a cobbler as expensive as they were they will only get bashed up again I'm more bothered about the surface of the leather disappearing and then letting water in or making the leather deteriorate.

Is there anything I can put in the gouges that's a bit more semi permanent?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Altberg Leather Scuffs
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No, but a pair of these

will protect the uppers.


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Re: Altberg Leather Scuffs
« Reply #2 on: 12:22:04, 16/12/19 »
This seems to be a common problem on all leather boots with either no rand at all or a low rand such as a that used on lot of the Altberg boots.

If you're not too bothered about how they look have a look online for either McNett Freesole or Shoe Goo (there are other similar flexible products available). Both can be used in a number of ways for footwear repairs including creating/building a false toe cap to protect the leather at the front of the boot.

NB This will not look pretty when finished but it will reduce/prevent further damage. The procedure is to tape across the toecap area from just below the bottom D rings then sand and clean the leather with Isopropyl alcohol to remove as much wax in that area and provide a surface which the McNett Freesole or Shoe Goo can bond/key to.

There are videos on YouTube and elsewhere for both products showing how they can be used - one of which is to create a protective toe cap.

Before you  make a decision if your boots are anywhere near needing a resole another option you may wish to consider is to have an extra high rand fitted at the same time as the resole for an extra charge of 20.

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