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Hi All

I imagine this topic has been covered before, but if so I couldn't really find it through the search function.

Does anyone out there use Wikiloc? If so, and thoughts on pros and cons? It would be good to get some thoughts on the app - basically, I'm looking for an app I can use without massive data use and ideally offline, that doesn't munch battery power, for walks abroad and possibly UK.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Wikiloc
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I use it for ideas but IMHO you would be better off with ViewRanger.  Also covers abroad and has a lot more routes in it than Wikiloc.  VR works just fine off-line.
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Re: Wikiloc
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I've used Wikilocs for a few years and it suits me fine. I reluctantly paid for it and once I'd bought my year I immediately cancelled it. I do almost daily off-road runs and I've stored them 10 of them on the site under my name 'Reginald Edmunds'. When I'm in a place I know that for me it's very useful to get a choice of 'instant ' hiking routes to choose from, either here in the UK, in France, Spain (and everywhere else I presume) and tomorrow I can check out all sorts of routes when I land in La Palma. I mostly use it to follow routes rather than create them myself, my running routes are just personal to me and a few others in my area, nothing more. I'm not sure if it drains my battery, can't say I've ever noticed?

I'm sure there are other similar sites out there, I've never used Viewranger to compare and contrast. If I can find a completely free one I'll definitely go for that.