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New Boots
« on: 16:23:47, 12/01/20 »

I wonder if anyone can help me. Ive just purchased a pair of Scarpa GTX Cyrus boots. However Ive come across a problem Ive never had before.
Every time I ware them I get pain behind my toes and the bottom of my feet.I feel like Im going to end up crippled if I keep wearing these boots.Ive never had this problem with any shoe or boot before.Has anybody come across this with this make of boots? If so how did you cure it?  :-[ [size=78%] [/size]


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Re: New Boots
« Reply #1 on: 18:14:36, 12/01/20 »
I assume you mean these boots?

The problem may be as simple as this boot just not suiting your particular foot shape,width or volume or you are walking on terrain which is rougher than the prepared paths and trails that the Scarpa Cyrus Mid GTX boot was designed for? These boots are not suitable for hill walking on rough ground.

If you've only just got them it would be a good idea to return them if you can and replace them with something which better suits your particular feet and/or the type of terrain you walk on the most. Problems like this don't just go away or get better over time.

You could possibly try using another insole in them to see if it improves the situation for you. If you try this make sure you use insoles which are suitable for your particular arch type i.e. high, medium or low.

I would suggest that you need to read some online reviews from as many sources as possible to see if other people have experienced the same thing as you. I did have a quick look at a few and it seems the main things people complain about is it's poor waterproofing, leaking and a general lack of overall durability.

This is one of the reviews I came across on Go Outdoors which may possibly be similar to your experience.


Bad Fit for Me

As no-one else has mentioned this problem, it may just be me.

Firstly I've bought Scarpa boots and shoes for over a decade because I have relatively thin feet and they have fitted me like a glove, with the notable exception of this pair of boots. , the heel are too high and this throws my weight on to the ball of my foot. This angle gave me mild nerve pain in my feet while wearing them (which stopped when I stopped wearing them). The sole itself seems thin and overly stiff. The arch support does not align with the curve of my arch. Finally, the laces seem to naturally tighten over the top of my foot which, again, is uncomfortable after a couple of hours of wear.

I've worn these enough that I probably can't return them but will be moving them on.
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