Author Topic: First Time Walker ....100km London to Brighton Ultra Challange  (Read 1307 times)


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Good Afternoon All

Thank you Kinky Boots , Jimbob , Bigfoot Mike for the wonderful advice and info.

I will train hard and do whatever i need to do to get better and fitter at walking , yes it will be hard, yes there will be pain but i cannot and will not let the charity i am walking for down......I just need to protect and care for the feet
I do not underestimate the gravity of the task i have taken on and I will be out walking in all weathers and will buy whatever i need to put me in the best possible position to complete the task.

I will update you as i progress and will certainly have more questions as the days get closer.
I really really do appreciate all the help and advice , without sites like walkingforum i would certainly not have the knowledge or nohow to carry such a challenging task
Thank you all very much


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A quick note. I've walked in quite a few different shoes/boots and I can honestly say the moab 2s are one on the most uncomfortable for me. Just because they're good, doesn't mean they're right for everyone.
When I tried them on they felt amazing, but then I walked in them a few times. Feet boiling hot and soles very painful after a short walk. Never had that before.
The heel felt too high, putting out my whole posture too.
Going straight to over 10 miles is gonna cause some aching feet, but If it was really bad id6say try some other boots. Maybe borrow some or get some ex army boots for cheap just to test it out, see what feels different.
Personally, so far, Lowa renegades are the best.

Alternatively a growing number of people nowdays are using trail runners which are definitely more squishy and cushioned and soft. They are infinitely more comfy, but may break down quicker and not handle certain terrain well. Also less protection.

A good idea is to take both when u go for it.