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Re: Most Beautiful Summit
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One thing that I miss about Orkney is the expansive view of the isolated peaks of the Far North of Scotland - Scaraben, Maiden Pap, Morvern, Ben Klibreck, Ben Loyal, Ben Hope, and then a tangle of hills around Foinaven, with the lower hills around Cape Wrath in the far distance.

For looks, Ben Hope is my favourite.

Ben Hope from the north.
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Re: Most Beautiful Summit
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  I spent a winter night at the observatory on the other Pic du Midi in the Pyreness  (the de Bigorre one).  Seeing the sun go down on the chain of the Pyrenees and then come up again at dawn was a truly magical experience.  We also got to have a go with a telescope to observe Saturn and a few other sights.
Saturn, now that is a beautiful sight on a crisp evening.  We have a small reflector in the loft and now and again, I will spend an evening observing.  :)


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Re: Most Beautiful Summit
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Must admit Pic du Midi also has some fine views.