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Whalley Outdoor
« on: 16:07:18, 01/02/20 »
Booked myself in for a show fitting as my old Scarpa boots are causing horrendous pain and blisters on my heels. Iíve tried everything so I can only presume there just not right for my feet or the wrong size. Anyone been to Whalley for a fitting?


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Re: Whalley Outdoor
« Reply #1 on: 16:54:11, 01/02/20 »
I've used them a few times and highly recommend them.

The advice I would offer is to take your current boots with you so the bootfitter can examine the problem area/s and may possibly be able to steam and stretch them for you. Make sure that you also take your normal walking socks and any insoles/orthotics you may use with you.

During the appointment they will discuss your requirements and the type of walking you do and then examine your feet and take thorough measurements. In terms of buying new boots go with a completely open mind and be guided by their knowledge, skill and expertise as to what make, model/s, size, volume and width fitting of boot they suggest will suit your feet and the type of walking you do the best. Don't be afraid to ask to try on a boot half a size larger if you're not 100% happy with the fit. They can customise the fit of any boot by steaming and stretching it to widen it slightly (by up to one width fitting) or ease any particular problem area.

Normally the price you see is the price you pay. Discount is a dirty word so don't expect to get any. There's no harm in asking but the best you may manage is to get a tin or two of wax included with your purchase.

They are an Altberg Premier retailer and carry the widest range in the country. They occasionally have 3 or 4 pairs of hardly use boots available at reduced prices on a shelf in the bootfitting room so it may be worth asking/looking.

If you buy new boots this earlier post may be of interest to you

Florence Lamb

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Re: Whalley Outdoor
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Personally I wouldnít go anywhere else for my boots...I travel there  O0