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SWCP - St Ives Pendeen
« on: 08:12:10, 05/02/20 »
Hi, Iím currently in the process of walking the SWCP and am planning a week in September walking St Ives to The Lizard. Iíve been looking at a thread from 2012 re the section St Ives to Pendeen, Iím not the speediest of walkers and seem to average around 2 miles an hour (I like to dawdle along and take in the scenery 😄). The guide states this is a challenging to severe section (ďone of the toughest sections on the pathĒ), looking at the thread some walkers have said itís tough some not so much. Just wondering if anyone has walked it recently and how they found it and how long it took them?  TIA  O0


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Re: SWCP - St Ives Pendeen
« Reply #1 on: 09:28:05, 05/02/20 »
Whilst I walked the SWCP some years ago it wasn't the most difficult stage although it was quite rough underfoot in places.  I had good weather so I "wandered along" with my large rucksack (before I learnt to cut back on non-essentials and some essentials) chatting with people who always ask where are you going taking in the magnificent views as the path meandered around and up and down the coastline.  I averaged some 2 miles an hour during the day although I stopped for half an hour at lunchtime (quite unusual for me) and took many photos.  Nothing really strenuous although as I had started from Minehead my fitness had improved and my weight reduced, I was 60 years old at the time. I was carrying a tent, sleeping bag and mat in case I couldn't find accommodation however despite walking by myself I found a bed every night all the way to Poole/Sandbanks.  A really wonderful walk providing that you can spare the time and that you enjoy the coastal scenery.


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Re: SWCP - St Ives Pendeen
« Reply #2 on: 12:32:35, 05/02/20 »
I walked the St Ives-Pendeen stretch a few years ago as two walks, each starting from Zennor, and didn't find it the challenge I was expecting. At one point there were some boulders to scramble over but it was easy to do so.

I was lucky with the weather. This stretch is rugged and exposed and wouldn't have been much fun in driving rain.  But it's a great walk, very scenic and with a feeling of remoteness.


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Re: SWCP - St Ives Pendeen
« Reply #3 on: 18:42:35, 05/02/20 »
Haven't done it recently but wouldn't consider it the most challenging part and it can't have changed much in a few years. There are ups, there are downs, there some bits which are narrow with rocks to avoid tripping over (not scrambling), and I can think of one narrow bit which is quite exposed height wise at Nanjizal Bay.
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