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Re: The best ear covering hats
« Reply #15 on: 13:55:05, 04/03/20 »
The postman has just delivered one of these for me, ordered Sunday, received Tuesday. Bought it on eBay as Woodland Camouflage Thinsulate Beanie Hat, priced at 6.99 with free postage, or make an offer; I got it for 6.49. I can't post the listing url which is the longest I have ever seen, and I don't know how to shorten them on here.

It's modelled on a very small head in the pictures but it fits my big bonce nicely. I can testify it is everything it says; when the seller describes it as "lined", that is soft Thinsulate material. If you find it on eBay and look at the other pictures you will see that the brim rolls down, so it can cover below your ears and your neck. Importantly, as far as I am concerned, there is no hem showing when it is unrolled.

Next time try Asda they sell these lined thinsulate beanies but in black for 3.I love them they do exactly as Fernman states. I noticed this last couple if weeks that the rain no matter how bad dud not get all the way through even though they are most definitely not waterproof. Since Lincolnshire has a lot of hat misplacing elves I have a few of them, it always comes as a surprise when I turn up one that I thought gone foreverand had replaced. 😁
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Re: The best ear covering hats
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Thanks vghikers for the link to shortening urls. Unlike this forum, other things I use such as my mail and LibreOffice have two fields, one for the long url and one where you type the short name you want to appear in the link.

Topology - I must admit I had to look that up, and it's not a term I would apply to a hat, lol. But for me keeping all the extremities warm and draught-free comes before a snug fit. I looked at a few similar hats before buying this one and I thought maybe it was a bit big. Then I put on my old Lowe Alpine fleece hat and I remembered all the times I had tried to stretch it further down my head attempting to keep warmer.

Thanks jimbob, but I'm no so easily pleased, I insist on all of my walking clothing being olive, brown or green.
Or camouflage  :)