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Hello from Manchester
« on: 07:19:51, 01/03/20 »
Morning all!

 I'm Ste from Manchester. 41, a tonne of kids and extremely overweight. I've been walking since the age of 13 months and been doing it ever since! [/size][size=78%] [/size] :2funny:

Just kidding! Come on looking for genuine ideas of where to go hiking/backpacking/camping/thru-walks etc etc..

Only managed Scafell this year so far, which turned out disastrous (not to mention life threatening), but love long hiking locally (around 12-15 miles).
Setting off on another adventure in about... 15 minutes.

Will be good to connect and share routes... might even write up the Scafell story to share one day.



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Re: Hello from Manchester
« Reply #1 on: 11:57:00, 01/03/20 »
Welcome aboard also from Manchester  :)

Plenty of backpacking ideas on our site.