Author Topic: Rohan outdoor gear 5% discount  (Read 179 times)


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Rohan outdoor gear 5% discount
« on: 14:35:31, 07/03/20 »
 I have been wearing Rohan clothing for over 30 years and been very pleased with it, mainly because it dries fast and I never have to iron it. Because of this I have an advert on my blog for them and I thought you may be interested that they are currently offering an extra 5% off all outdoor gear. The code also works on their already discounted offers page.
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Re: Rohan outdoor gear 5% discount
« Reply #1 on: 15:07:43, 07/03/20 »
I'm also a fan of Rohan clothing. I especially like the very low weight of the stuff I've bought, and I really like the Barricade waterproofing system, which I find far more breathable than Gore-Tex.

I've bought all my Rohan gear from their small shop in Canterbury and I always get a discount. Before it closed a few months ago, there was a Cotswold Outdoor shop just along the road from Rohan, where I used to buy most of my walking clothing and gear. One day, I mentioned to the Rohan person that I get 15% off at CO (Ramblers membership or any of many others) and I asked why Rohan doesn't offer a similar discount. I was told that they do - you just need to ask!

In addition, a few times I've been about to buy something in Rohan and been told that the price will be lower at the weekend, or next week, or whenever. But no problem... out comes a list of codes that the person can use to give me the discount now.  :)


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Re: Rohan outdoor gear 5% discount
« Reply #2 on: 17:02:07, 07/03/20 »
What is an iron?  ;)


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Re: Rohan outdoor gear 5% discount
« Reply #3 on: 18:37:05, 07/03/20 »
What is an iron?  ;)
I donít know. What is the point of ironing walking clothes or shaving while on a hike.


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Re: Rohan outdoor gear 5% discount
« Reply #4 on: 19:39:41, 07/03/20 »
Recent Rohan convert fangirl here. Yep they deffo do various discounts if you're cheeky enough to ask. Plus they'll scan in "next weeks deals" codes early and give loyalty discounts.
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