Author Topic: Pennine Way and the price of a pint  (Read 2830 times)

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Re: Pennine Way and the price of a pint
« Reply #60 on: 17:31:04, 04/05/20 »
Ah, I guess my 2 nights at Forest View are cancelled then?
That's 8 nights still booked and 8 cancelled.
Social distancing will be in place for a long time yet and it is almost impossible in a 9 seater minibus we are still grappling with details for when we get going again. Hotels that `do` normal holidays where people go and stay for 2 weeks will be able to get going earlier than the specialised accommodation on National Trails where people stay one night then go onto the next then again the next night. That kind of activity is a dream come true for a virus as virulent as Covid 19. this will be even more of an issue on the trails that are walked both ways like the Coast to Coast or Hadrians wall path as the virus can spread from one asymptomatic person in 2 directions for 5-10 days before anyone knows that it is happening. 
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Re: Pennine Way and the price of a pint
« Reply #61 on: 17:41:38, 04/05/20 »
I guess that means that my booking is being cancelled then Joyce. I understand the reasoning but hadn't heard from you so assumed you were still hoping to be open by the beginning of July.
I'll email you this evening to organise a refund.