Author Topic: TR - Grey Crag & Tarn Crag from Longsleddale (With Video)  (Read 414 times)


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Longsleddale is a remote and quiet valley with quiet fells all around.


Distance: 11.8km (7.3 Miles)

Full Trip Report:

The upper reaches of Longsleddale

Heading up the grassy gully


Grey Crag summit cairn

Heading to Tarn Crag

Tarn Crag summit

Thanks for looking! :)
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Great photos, looks like a good hike.
Thanks for posting your TR.
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Going stir crazy already


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Excellent pics O0
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Lovely green early autumnal shots of Longsleddale - that first one in particular.

I was up there recently, and took exactly the same photo of the waterfalls on the River Sprint - I thought that I had accidentally clicked on my report accidentally for a second !!