Author Topic: Last Stretch for a while......  (Read 322 times)


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Last Stretch for a while......
« on: 20:43:03, 29/03/20 »
Its seems a while ago now but I spent a while over the winter planning and booking for the Scottish National Trail which I intended to start on April 4th.Over the winter months with the horrendous windy weather I became increasingly worried for my fitness as I had only managed 3 outings since the turn of the year and had to alter some backpack plans in early March.In the event with the worsening events overtaking the country the SNT plans were cancelled and so with the weather taking a turn for the better I grabbed a day over the Lakes prior to the announcements of restrictions. As usual, as I do the Lakes so much, I usually make my mind on the way over as to where to go. I drove to Seathwaite and parked up at the lane from the farm. It was 9am and usually rammed by this time but there were only around 10 cars and a couple of van parked up. Suited and booted it was off on the quick walk to Stockley bridge and then up the hill towards Styhead where I made it just short of an hour. When I walk this way it always reminds me of walks with my father in my youth when we used to make Styhead in 45 minutes. Decision time at the stretcher box as to the route of the day so I decided to go on the walkers traverse around Great Gable under the Napes and Sphinx and onto Kirkfell and back onto Great Gable. The hills were very quiet, I had only seen 4 walkers so far and could not see anybody on the corridor route. I worked my way around the front of Gable and around the traverse path to the col to Kirkfell before ascending and taking a stop on the top. I then returned via the same path which skirts the first summit up from the col and then began the steep ascent of Great gable which I think amounts to around 800ft from the col. Saw two people coming down from Gable, only the 6 so far. From there it was onto Gable summit before dropping down to windy gap. I should have really gone onto Green Gable and down by Sour Milk Gill but I dislike that descent so it was down to Styhead and return to Seathwaite by the same route up.Only out for 6 hours and its likely to be the last hill walk for quite a while so one to savour and remember.
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Re: Last Stretch for a while......
« Reply #1 on: 20:56:40, 29/03/20 »
Lovely route, you've given me an idea for joining this up with Pillar from Great Langdale.  Hopefully some summer wild camping will be possible once this dies down a bit!

Great photos too, seems you got some proper weather.


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Re: Last Stretch for a while......
« Reply #2 on: 21:32:25, 29/03/20 »
Great pics, really love that traverse of Great Gable, every time I do it it's so quiet.


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Re: Last Stretch for a while......
« Reply #3 on: 23:02:22, 29/03/20 »
Lovely photos - good to get a walk in on the high falls before the lockdown.


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Re: Last Stretch for a while......
« Reply #4 on: 07:32:13, 30/03/20 »
Gorgeous photos SD O0
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Re: Last Stretch for a while......
« Reply #5 on: 11:18:17, 30/03/20 »
Fantastic pics from a superb mountain route. O0

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Re: Last Stretch for a while......
« Reply #6 on: 18:17:58, 30/03/20 »
Nice pics snoopdawg  O0
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