Author Topic: The First Recorded Ascent of Telly Tubby Mountain and Accompanying Trip  (Read 846 times)


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You could have just Googled the Mitre pub from my previous post  ;)
As to the egg shop - that is a not very closely guarded secret.  You will not find Chateau Ninthace on StreetView though. :)

For you diligence, here is another legend of TTM.
Long ago, in the mists of time (last year) the god Ka-Law left Ho-Mona a scroll saying "Thou hast found favour in my sight and lo, even though thou wast not here to worship me, nevertheless I have replenished the source of thy fire within my mountain but thou owest me great homage for my beneficence."  And Ho-Mona did look at the scroll and thought "That is a lot of fire, yeah it is twice the size of the cavern within the mountain"  And Ho-Mona spake unto Ka-law saying "How many caverns did thee fill" and Ka-Law said "Why both of them!"
Hearing this Ho-Mona was full of wrath and said, "Thou dolt. Thou has also filled the cavern of Nay-bor, who has not found favour with thee, he worships at the altar of Few-Loyl!  I will not render thee homage for that which is not mine!"  And Ka-Law said "Art thou sure?" to which Ho-Mona replied "Verily, for the sacred pipes enter not the dwelling of Nay-bor and he has never worshipped thee!"
And so it was that Ka-Law halved the homage of Ho-Mona.  From that day forward, it is said, that Ho-Mona has been on a quest for Tea and Peace and if he ever finds Tea Peace, he will plunder the reserves of Nay-Bor while Ka-Law is not looking.  O0
I Google Devon church clocks.  Took but a few minutes. :)

Ka-Law has me puzzled for now.


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