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Pennine Way - Youtube
« on: 08:21:33, 10/04/20 »
I posted these YouTube links many years ago but with having a bit more time some of you may enjoy watching them to bring back memories or to put it on your "to do list" when things get better:-

The first is a 45 minute video ‘The Pennine Way from the air’, which was filmed for the 40th anniversary of the trail in 2005. This film was produced on behalf of the Countryside Agency by Navigator PR and Marketing Communications. Brilliantly commentary by Ian McMillan - love his accent.

The other is a 4 episode 30 minute programme I watched on BBC early on Sunday mornings many years ago and before a lot of it was flagged. It is about 4 teenagers, well worth watching all the episodes if you have the time:-


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Re: Pennine Way - Youtube
« Reply #1 on: 10:46:10, 10/04/20 »
I too watch YouTube videos about hiking routes, watched a few about Pennine Way and other routes as well. I find it a time when I can sit in my chair and say to myself, "Been there," "I sat on that rock" and "I remember that puddle" and so on. Good fun, I'm easily pleased!