Author Topic: Longest Period Without MRT Callout in 19 Years  (Read 843 times)

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Re: Longest Period Without MRT Callout in 19 Years
« Reply #1 on: 17:11:47, 26/05/20 »
Just watch the situation make the biggest Y turn known by man, when Boris and Mr Drakeford give the all clear for people to travel once again.

In today's Western Mail newspaper, there's a comparison of the beautiful beach in Barry, in South Wales, and Brighton in the South of England.

The entire population of the SE of England must be sunning themselves on the beach, with Covid 19 the last thing on their minds, its almost shoulder to shoulder with sun worshippers.

I bet the local constabulary must be tearing their hair out with their inability to do anything about it.

On Barry's lovely coastline, in temperatures nudging 24C and cloudless skies, just two punters on deckchairs.

As for my neck of the woods, ive seen a few walkers over the past weeks, sneaking gingerly up the road towards the Rhinogs, knowing full well they will not be apprehended by the Fuzz.

I simply cannot imagine the chaos and traffic jams, when both National Parks are fully open for our enjoyment.

No doubt, all MRTs are experiencing an unprecedented quiet spell, but as we all know, it will change quicker than Usain Bolt.
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Re: Longest Period Without MRT Callout in 19 Years
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Bournemouth beach looked packed too - according to the press report, one visitor said that they had come from Liverpool, and claimed that Dominic Cummings's actions justified their visit!

That being said, and although I live on the periphery, I get the impression that the Lake District is not being mobbed. That may change, of course.
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