Author Topic: What will you be planning?  (Read 1398 times)


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Re: What will you be planning?
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Make sure you avoid the area when Cartmel Races are on! The place gets hammered with people by day and the pubs are rammed by night.
I was in Cartmel Park today.  Hardly any people about and it looked lovely with the course being freshly mown.  There is no sign of the hurdles being rebuilt for the first meeting on the 23rd of May though, I can't see that happening in the present circumstances.  Our useless council have just  issued the TRO to close the footpaths and bridleway which run through the park on race days.  This is a first because they have in the past only tried to divert them.  Those TRO'S were so full of errors, which made them invalid,  that the locals used to ignore them, walk the paths and call their bluff when they threatend to call the police to arrest us.  Great Fun. ;D   
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Re: What will you be planning?
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I have been looking into walking the White Horse trail in Wiltshire. Clockwise direction from Westbury. It will be nice to plan a long distance walk. I am looking into where the accommodation stops might be and when is feasible to do it in theory.
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