Author Topic: For sale: Mountain Equipment Shivling jacket. Men's XL. Red  (Read 206 times)


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I am putting this for sale on here as I have had a bad experience with ebay recently. Also, I would rather have an enthusiast appreciate it as it is a nice jacket.

Less than one year old.
Price is 160 posted in the UK.
It has just been thoroughly washed (twice) in TX Direct Tech Wash and been treated with TX Direct Wash-In.
I am 45" chest, 42" waist, and 6ft. The jacket is too snug on me for easy layering, this is why I am selling, I've got a replacement jacket next size up.
I have worn it at work in heavy downpours and it is absolutely waterproof as advertised, breathability is excellent, I never had any condensation while wearing it. The hood is the usual ME design and moves with the head to give good visibility.
As for sending it to the buyer, it is obviously an odd situation at the moment so I will have to find a safe way but we can discuss that. Payment by bank transfer if possible.

If you are interested or have a question please contact me via the personal message facility on here. If you do not have have anything relevant to say please refrain from commenting. I have had a sale fall through because of ill judged comments from forum members. Thank you.