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Jetboil Summit Skillet.
« on: 17:11:40, 30/04/20 »
I own a several cook kits,  Meths Trangia 25, Meths Trangia 27, Trangia Gas Conversion and Jetboil Minimo amongst a couple of others.  I tend to take the Jetboil out on day and overnight trips for ease of use and have always held off from buying the 'flux ring' pan due to some bad reviews with regards hot spots, sticking food etc and the fact that it would be dedicated to only use with the Jetboil.  Now with the addition of the Summit Skillet to the range I have once again been looking at increasing the versatility of the Minimo by investing in one, I could also couple it up with the Trangia should the need arise due to it now having a flat bottom.   

They are pricey I know, but seem to get good reviews, anybody use one or have experience of them? 
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