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Re: Cyclists
« Reply #165 on: 10:51:17, 19/05/20 »
I'm enjoying this thread on a walking forum.   O0

  Even had one nicked from inside Liverpool cathedral chained to a pew. 

That had me laughing, has to be a record
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Re: Cyclists
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Is this turning into a where my bike was stolen thread :)

I had a Raleigh sit up and beg bike with steel rods connecting the brakes, steel mudguards, the lot... I was around ten at the time and popped down to the sweet shop on it for 2 ounce of acid drops.
I was so enamoured with my bag of sweets, I walked out and straight past my bike & went home.
By the time I realised what I had done & sprinted down to the shop my bike had gone.

A friend told me who had nicked it, and I went to his house with my Dad. The bike had been painted white all over including parts of the tyres, all within a few hours.

 >:( >:(


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Re: Cyclists
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Just reminded myself one reason we love it here in Cornwall, far less thieving scallies. ;D
you're not from Redruth then.
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