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Old boots
« on: 13:11:51, 23/05/20 »
It comes to pass that even with care and love your cherished and loved friends who has given faithful service can no longer be resoled or the upper be rescued. Iím talking about old boots  ;D . Retirement is looming and it seems after their faithful devotion cruel to just unceremoniously send them to land fill. What new pastures for retirement have people done for their faithful old boot- friends. One example Iíve seen is a flower pot but Iím sure our walking forum can come up with imaginative ideas for these noble critical piece of kit in their twilight years
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Re: Old boots
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I've used an old boot to keep odds and ends in my car boot, tyre pressure gauge, a couple spare plastic valve covers, the special hexagon nut to use when a wheel needs to come off, a box of matches, small pair of scissors, etc just to try to keep the small clutter in one place.


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Re: Old boots
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Put them sole uppermost in a thick hedge for birds to nest in.