Author Topic: Whats the attraction of wild camping?  (Read 2417 times)


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Re: Whats the attraction of wild camping?
« Reply #60 on: 15:54:10, 06/06/20 »
Bring back the good old days.  O0

I was thinking that kids these days don't know they're born, but maybe some of ours do, we take them wild camping. I'm now feeling guilty. 


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Re: Whats the attraction of wild camping?
« Reply #61 on: 20:31:40, 06/06/20 »
I remember a ‘camp site’ outside Oban in the 1983. The ground was a bit bumpy. The facilities consisted of a cold tap over an old Belfast type sink outside some type of rudimentary building. The ‘toilet’ was a length of grey plastic guttering, ran into an industrial size baked beans tin that had some holes punched in the bottom.

It was also here that my walking companion and I had the world’s shortest hitch hike. We had walked into the town to find a pub. After closing time the single track road seemed quite busy with traffic and dangerous to 2 campers full of beer. We stuck out our thumbs and a car picked us up. The driver had just changed up into second gear when the camp site appeared to our left.

I have also wild camped on Skye, mainland Scotland, French Alps and the Isle of Wight. I have also camped outside mountain club huts in Snowdonia and the Lake District and occasionally used small camp sites. I fear my old back injury would make it too difficult to camp nowadays and my wife has never been a fan.


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Re: Whats the attraction of wild camping?
« Reply #62 on: 21:59:18, 09/06/20 »
For myself,

Getting away from it all . . even though I live in a fairly peaceful village

Feeling as though I'm places man hasn't touched, or at least spoiled

Not having to stick to a schedule of destination or stop

Feeling the awesomeness of pure nature and its sounds and smells

Experiencing an old way of 'tramping' life . . freedom to roam

Having the time to notice detailed beauty of my surroundings

Appreciating how beautiful the world can be when I just 'be'

Being happy with minimal comforts

Looking forward to seeing my family again



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Re: Whats the attraction of wild camping?
« Reply #63 on: 11:40:01, 10/06/20 »
I'm a real enthusiast for wild camping, it offers a great break from my work/family routine.
As my walking preference is for mountains, wild camping allows me to plan two to four day routes over wild land without a worry about accomodation.
I've got lightweight gear (not that expensive either) so it doesn't feel too much of a burden to lug it around.
It's very satisfying to start looking for a pitch and finally finding a nice spot (though not always easy to find the right combination of dry, flat ground, water availability and a good view)!
What I like most is the simplicity of life on the hill with everything I need.
Lying in my bag with a book and a brew, looking out at the sunset is one of my favourite things, though it doesn't always work out that way.


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Re: Whats the attraction of wild camping?
« Reply #64 on: 15:05:28, 10/06/20 »
I have 350+ wild camps behind me in the US, five European countries and End to End here. For me wild camping is about flexibility. The previous evening I take a look at the map and see where 25K walking will get me the next day and look if there is a wood nearby. I walk till about seven o clock pm and then look for somewhere to camp. Every few days for the likelihood I might need a shower :-) or extreme weather I do use a BnB, Hut or hostel, and usually ask if I can camp. I do multi-week treks and try to get a bought meal each day to get sufficient calories and avoid carrying lots of heavy food; carrying five days food is my maximum.


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Re: Whats the attraction of wild camping?
« Reply #65 on: 17:04:37, 13/06/20 »
Never done it before but I've just bought myself a 1 man OEX tent for my birthday with the intention of doing it soon. The reasons? Solitude, atmosphere, and the means to start walking immediately in the morning without having the ball-ache of a 4am wakeup and 3.5 hour drive. I'm not really interested in the whole camping experience outside of sleeping though... can't be doing with faffing around with pots, pans, and gas stoves. Just a tent and a stash of flapjacks will do me.