Author Topic: Pennine Way Summer Sleeping Bag  (Read 575 times)


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Pennine Way Summer Sleeping Bag
« on: 17:31:59, 23/06/20 »
Hi all,

Setting off on the Pennie Way in 10 days or so and having a bit of a conflict over which sleeping bag to take.

I have a Rab Ascent 700 which I use in late autumn / spring, which weighs 1290g and comes in at -5C comfort, I'm a little concerned it's going to be a bit too toasty..

I'm also looking at a (much cheaper) synthetic Rab Solar 1, which weighs 800g and comes in at 7C comfort and a 2[/font][/size]C limit. Rab have assured me this will be fine for Yorkshire hills in summer, however I'm usually overseas at this time of year and not much of a 'warm weather' hiker in the UK, so I'm not too sure! That and having grown up on the Pennines in Holmfirth, I know what the weather can be like.[/font][/size]

I've read hike reports of people going with two season bags and ending up having their three season bag shipped up to them after a few days, so I'd rather just get it right. I'm also planning to do the Camino and Israel National Trail in the next few years so a warmer weather bag could be handy, though they may be liner only jobs.

Appreciate any thoughts people have on which I should go for or otherwise.



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Re: Pennine Way Summer Sleeping Bag
« Reply #1 on: 23:41:03, 23/06/20 »
Couple of Sleeping bags to look at.
Forclaz  Trek 900 ,Duckdown 985g
rated 0 Degrees . Around 100 .

Also from .

Alpkit  500 Sky high  3 season Duckdown
rated -4 C   970g.
Might be bit warm ......... But you never know with our changeable weather .


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Re: Pennine Way Summer Sleeping Bag
« Reply #2 on: 06:56:28, 24/06/20 »
I would run 'hot' in the Ascent 700 and would take a thinner bag. If you do get caught by an unusually cold night, then just wear some clothes.

Are you planning to wild camp up high, by the way? Or stick to the campsites in the valleys? Makes a difference.
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Re: Pennine Way Summer Sleeping Bag
« Reply #3 on: 09:35:19, 24/06/20 »
A friend of mine who climbs in the Alps a fair bit says, "If you are warm at night, you are carrying to much mass".
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Re: Pennine Way Summer Sleeping Bag
« Reply #4 on: 09:43:28, 24/06/20 »
I know for sure that on some nights I'm going to get chilly or cold, my solution is to wear my warm jacket overnight, maybe another layer as well and my long johns, maybe socks, gloves and beanie as well? I just follow the layering idea over the 24-hour cycle, I 'layer' during the day and I 'layer' during the night, it works for me.


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