Author Topic: When hiking and overnights return how will you travel?  (Read 165 times)


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I live in Portsmouth and travel to a hiking start point, as I see it, presents me with no obvious benefits, or maybe I can't see them yet? If I want to go to the Lakes, I'm definitely not going by coach, I'm not even confident that I would want to go on a train either. The last time I did this (before Covid-19) the train was packed to capacity, really hot, sweaty, and generally horrible! So maybe I'll have to drive? That doesn't fill me with glee either, M27, A34, M40, M6, and as always the potential of traffic jams. But when I seriously think about it, it's going to be by car or nothing.

My other option is to go to France on a ferry, I might do that but I don't know how they are going to sort this out yet? But even if I travel in this way I would still have to travel by train to get anywhere that I would want to go to. I could fly but I won't in 2020, watching the behaviour of some passengers on a plane is sometimes worse than watching people on a Bournemouth beach! I could drive from Portsmouth to Dover and then through the Channel Tunnel? I suspect if I do decide to go to France that will be my preferred choice.

Before Covid-19 I'd given up on owning a car anymore, but for now, that's no longer viable.

Or I'll just hike in the South of England, in many ways that's the easiest solution for me.


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Re: When hiking and overnights return how will you travel?
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What about car hire for you walks in the Lakes et al?  Lower running costs than operating a car full time.  Will they hire to a person of your advanced years?
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