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National Trust carpark locations
« on: 22:38:06, 27/06/20 »

[size=78%](A small query regarding the National Trust carparks).[/size]

I joined the National Trust around a year ago, using the Young person membership option. I regularly walk in the Peak District, and try to use the NTís carparks as much as possible.

I was wondering whether anyone knew of a list/online map/ document containing the NT carparks(?).

I appreciate that the NT symbol (helpfully) appears on OS maps, however, it would save a lot of time having a document/website that gave the location of the carparks (rather than having to search all over an OS map for parking and walks within that area).

The National Trust website says that they have over 500 carparks for members to use, however, Iím yet to come across any information regarding the location of these carparks.



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Re: National Trust carpark locations
« Reply #1 on: 23:19:01, 27/06/20 »
Google maps knows many/all of them. Find the area you want then put in a search for 'national trust car park' and you should see them.
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Re: National Trust carpark locations
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Welcome to the forum, the NT car parks in the Lake District can be found as an attachment to Reply #2 on this thread
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