Author Topic: Anyone have a FIRE MAPLE BLADE 2 remote canister stove?  (Read 142 times)


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Just ordered a Fire Maple Blade 2 remote canister stove for my two grandsons B/C it is much more stable than my CRUX canister-top stove. 9and as we old geezers know, teenagers are THE most careless people on the planet. A stable stove for teenagers is a necessity.)
Plus the Blade 2 (as opposed to the older Blade) has a vaporizing tube to enable the stove to be used with an inverted canister for colder weather, a bit below freezing. Also I like the stove's wide flame to avoid hot spots.

Inverting the canister, as most canister users know, lets liquid iso-butane liquid go out the fuel line to the vaporizing tube to be heated and, wait for it....
VAPORIZED! Will wonders never cease?  ::)
As well remote canister stoves are easy to use with a wind screen. I like MSR fold-up heavy aluminum foil wind screens. Ugly but very functional.

So anybody here order one from China?? Oh, yes, Chinese made but high quality. (Again, will wonders never cease?!;o)

Eric B.

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