Author Topic: My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li  (Read 374 times)


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My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li
« on: 04:20:53, 03/07/20 »
Well gentle readers, I finally pulled the trigger on a new gen.2 Tarptent Notch Li DCF fabric solo tent. US $600. and it's gonna tale a LOT of camping to make it worth the dinero. WildwalkingUK, you too may need to plan more backpacking trips with your new Notch Li.

Henry Shires was forced by a labor shortage to have all his Dyneema tents made in China at a top tier factory. With Shires' excellent design and detail of reinforcements and the Chinese factory's excellent build quality we now have "Hilleberg quality" Dyneema tents. In fact having seen other brands of Dyneema tents I can say Tarptent's DCF tents are much better designed and of much higher build quality.
EX. Compare a TT Stratospire 2 Li to a Z-Packs Duomid. Both very good tents but...  jus' sayin'
(BTW, Amazon moved in with a warehouse/distribution center next to Tarptents' US manufacturing facility and sucked up too many TT workers. But TT's silnylon tents are all still made in USA.)

MODS: I've added 4 fly hem stake loops using one circle of Dyneema repair tape folded over the edge plus a larger circle of Tenacious Tape folded over that for reinforcement and then the nylon grosgrain tape loops sewn my my local shoe repair shop B/C the 4 layers of tape an 1 layer of
Dyneema were too difficult for a normal home sewing machine to penetrate.

Next is dyeing the inner tent "solid" panels green with RIT Dyemore, a special dye for synthetics. They get the green dye to give me some shade and a bit of privacy in a basically translucent tent. That should about finish my "mods".

So far I've used it only one 80 F. night in costal southern California but with both fly doors open the ventilation was perfect and I had no condensation.
Next is a 10,000 ft. camp in my nearby Spring Mountains north of Las Vegas. And then an 80 mile Ruby Crest Trail later in September.

Knowing how well my TT Moment DW tent withstands winds when guyed out and staked down I'll bet the guyed and staked Notch Li can handle gusts to 60 mph. and steady 30 mph. winds.

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Re: My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li
« Reply #1 on: 08:11:22, 03/07/20 »
 [WildwalkingUK, you too may need to plan more backpacking trips with your new Notch Li.[/size]]
You are absolutely right!

Little Foot

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Re: My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li
« Reply #2 on: 08:44:42, 14/07/20 »
Looks a decent tent. Would never have thought of dying a tent. Could do that with my Mongar when I get it as it is grey and light green. How did it work out?


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Re: My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li
« Reply #3 on: 17:04:07, 14/07/20 »
Little Foot,
Well, I haven't yet dyed the inner tent. Because of the spike in Las Vegas COVID 19 cases I'm loathe to go to stores unless necessary.

Even the trip to my shoe repair shop to get the fly hem stake loops sewn on proved unsettling when a woman customer in her 60s just DID NOT 1.)-> wear a mast and 2.)-> made no social distance attempt as she pushed past me (with me backpedaling). IDIOTS, just plain idiots. Must have been a "Trumper". Don't let me get started....

They job will be a bit like tie dyeing in that I'll have to gather the Dyneema floor and try to keep it out of the hot dye liquid. I don't think heat would be good for that Dyneema fabric.

Believe me, if i found a permanent marker that would stay on the DCF fly I'd sit and tediously color it but alas it just rubs off. Essentially DCF has a Mylar-like laminate and I have no idea what could color it.

Eric B.


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Re: My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li
« Reply #4 on: 23:18:23, 15/07/20 »
i'll be interested to see how the dye job works.. that sounds really interesting.
and like you say be very careful to keep the dyneema away from that heat!


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Re: My new gen. 2 Tarptent Notch Li
« Reply #5 on: 07:05:15, 16/07/20 »
Very nice tent, but way beyond my budget, sadly.
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