Author Topic: Wild camping + hiking in Lake District Advise  (Read 356 times)


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Wild camping + hiking in Lake District Advise
« on: 23:13:22, 05/07/20 »

I have done wild camping once in Asia but not the UK, I am so a beginner and noob to wild camping and hiking. I really appreciate any advice.

I have no car and not planning to take buses. So I plan to take the train from Sheffield to Windermere and walk to Blea Tarn, Buttermere, Ullswater and then back to Windermere train station in 2 days. Is this a good plan?
Is there phone signal up in the hills that I can use Google Map on phone for guidance?
Is the places I mentioned risky to hike (e.g. fall off cliff etc.), do I need to bring any hiking ropes?

Thank you!!


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Re: Wild camping + hiking in Lake District Advise
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Welcome to the forum.  First piece of advice. Do not use Google Maps or rely on a phone signal to get data.  The fact that you even think this worries me.   Use the OS mapping app or ViewRanger to get OS maps and download the maps you need to your phone so they are available to you without a data signal.  Also you should be capable of using them effectively before you arrive in the Lakes.

  On the face of it, your plan for 2 days seems overly ambitious but only you know how fit you are and how long and far you can walk in rough country.  Buy some proper maps, plan a route and work out what is practical for you.  I would also recommend you take a paper map with you and a compass and be competent in their use as you may need to replan your route on the hoof and a phone screen is not the best medium for this in the Lakes.  The weather can be fierce and you can lose all visibility in low cloud and rain.  I presume you are competent in navigation in these circumstances, otherwise you will be a risk to yourself and others.
Wild camping in the Lake District is not technically legal so it is critical you observe the correct etiquette. Camp above the intake wall, arrive late, leave early and leave absolutely no trace whatsoever of your passing. This means no fires, no litter and no human waste.
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Re: Wild camping + hiking in Lake District Advise
« Reply #2 on: 20:39:30, 08/07/20 »
Welcome to the forum kassandra  :)  What kind of hill walking experience do you have?

Visiting Blea Tarn, Buttermere and Ullswater in 2 days is pretty ambitious.

Phone signals in the hills cannot be relied upon. As ninthace says, download the map beforehand. Also, Viewranger Landscape contour lines are rather dodgy in the vicinity of cliffs - Ordnance Survey mapping is much better.

Rope will not be needed!
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Re: Wild camping + hiking in Lake District Advise
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Hi Kassandra, the three places you mention are all beautiful but unless you are a super fit ultra runner I'd say it would be impossible to visit all three in two days.

If you want o walk straight from the station and only have two days the most practical direction  to head is north over Orrest head and then follow good paths up to the hills around Kentmere. Which I did HERE or alternatively get off the train a stop earlier at Staveley and head north from there as I didHERE

As has been said there is rarely mobile signal so if you want to use your phone you need to download maps to it first or even better buy a 125000 scale ordnance survey map
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