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« on: 10:29:20, 07/07/20 »
Just joined & looking for advice on water sources.. mainly taps and the like in agricultural areas as i'm not a fan of drinking pesticides! ;)
I did the SDW last week and mapped out the public taps (not including pubs as these can be closed/refurbing etc).. & i'll link that map to my youtube video which i hope to upload soon.

I plan on doing the Offa's Dyke later on this month and then hopefully carry on to do the Coast to Coast. I'll produce water sources maps  for these too but I've heard the Offa is especially difficult when it comes to water.. and as it looks like we're heading for another hot spell any advice would be really handy.

Thanks all and look forward to making your acquaintances  :D [size=78%] [/size]


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Re: hello
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Welcome from Portsmouth

Johnny Thunder

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Re: hello
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Welcome to the forum.


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Re: hello
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Welcome from South Cumbria - can't help with your water sources, I'm afraid.

Do carbon filters remove pesticides?

Edit - apparently they do.

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