Author Topic: A walk-run around Graveney Marshes.  (Read 110 times)


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A walk-run around Graveney Marshes.
« on: 14:24:58, 12/07/20 »
We drove to nearby Seasalter this morning for a walk/run around Graveney Marshes. This was our second outing of this kind and I planned a route that was a little longer than last week's - 6.8 miles with a short warm-up and cool-down leaving about 6 miles of running interspersed with recovery walking (for me!).

There were three distinct sections: open fields, a fruit farm, and the sea wall beside Faversham Creek and the marshes beside the Swale (the waterway between the Isle of Sheppey and the mainland)...

Me running across a bridge:

My wife running across a bridge: 

Me again...  :)

Just a few of the vast number of strawberries we saw when going through Sandbanks Farm:

The sea wall, with the Swale to our left and Graveney Marshes to our right. It's sad to think that these marshes will be covered by the UK's biggest solar farm before long. :(

We're really enjoying our walk-runs. My wife is the runner and can easily do 6 miles non-stop. I'm the beginner, but my natural pace is a bit faster than hers, so for much of the time the process is: she runs ahead when I walk, then I run until I catch up, we stay together for a while until I need a recovery walk, and repeat!  :)