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Tickbites Warning
« on: 15:52:28, 13/07/20 »
Hello ok, hope you're all well?

I haven't been here in a good while, still been walking and climbing when possible.

I just wanted to give a friendly warning as it's now tick season and I had one attach itself to me on the route up dove crag via Brothers water just after the waterfall.

Please don't forget to add a tick tool to your first aid kit and keep checking every hour or so.

If you don't know what one looks like it's worth having a look online and worth knowing they can be as small as a speck of dirt to start off with.

The one I had was a nymph and I noticed it more or less straight away. I had thought it was a splash of mud but a zoom in on my phone showed exactly what it was. Familiarise yourself with removal technique and don't take any chances.

Please take care and maybe remind other walkers to be alert.

Speak soon and hope you're all getting out and about :)


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Re: Tickbites Warning
« Reply #1 on: 11:09:55, 14/07/20 »
Ticks and Lyme disease are on the increase. For tick removal, I have very good experience with Tick Twister. They weigh 1 gram and are small, so I always carry one in my medical kit.

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Re: Tickbites Warning
« Reply #2 on: 12:23:12, 14/07/20 »
Over the past few years, we in Hampshire have been warned about the dangers of ticks, they seem to like our landscape a lot. For my part, I never wear shorts anymore and apart from one tighter Ron Hill leggings my other two running leggings are elasticated at the ankle but the trousers are loose-fitting. I mostly wear long-sleeved tops as well and when I use my short-sleeved items (like this morning) I use two clothes pegs to keep the sleeves tight to my upper arms. I learned my lesson two years when I was stung under the armpit, the insect crawled up my arm and then had a go at me, it was so painful! So far I've not had a problem even though I run through a couple of long grassed footpaths, and alongside a field of cows and a field of horses.


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Re: Tickbites Warning
« Reply #3 on: 19:44:26, 14/07/20 »
I really need to get one of those tick removers, I've only ever picked one tick up in The Lakes whilst overnighting near Armboth Fell but they're always a threat.