Author Topic: COVID 19 and your future in walking  (Read 178 times)


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COVID 19 and your future in walking
« on: 17:20:34, 14/07/20 »
By now it is apparent that many people who contract COVID 19 have permanent lung damage. For those of us who depend upon having good O2 uptake to enjoy hiking this is ominous news - even for you young whippersnappers.

Yes, I live in the benighted United States, the global petri dish of the pandemic, so me giving advice is a bit odd. But I care about our walking/backpacking community.

So I suggest we redouble our efforts to stay well.
->Leave outside shoes outside in a sheltered spot
->use hand sanitizer when "out and about"
->wear your mask when "out and about"
->keep social distance whenever possible
->do NOT have guests and relatives over to your house
->AVOID idiots who refuse to wear masks
->get way off trail when non-masked users (i.e. idiots) come by

Other than that enjoy life in any way possible. As we see in this pandemic time, life can be suddenly shorter than expected. (As well, for we geezers there is this adage: "I knew I'd get old but I didn't think it would happen so fast.")

Eric B.