Author Topic: Climbing the fabulous Fiddler on Coigach  (Read 511 times)


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Climbing the fabulous Fiddler on Coigach
« on: 13:01:01, 16/07/20 »
My treadmill trek this morning was between where we stayed in Polbain last summer and Culnacraig at the foot of The Fiddler, a modest mountain on the Coigach Peninsula that boasts spectacular views.

We'd arrived on Coigach without any idea what to expect - we'd chosen the area because the accommodation looked amazing. I'd worked out lots of walks that looked to be within a reasonable drive, most of which were in Assynt. However, I hadn't reckoned on just how long the drive from Polbain to my planned walks would take - the road was long and winding, and quite challenging.

So, as it turned out, we only did two walks (climbs) in Assynt (Cul Mor and Cul Beag) and the rest were close by on Coigach. And that turned out really well, because the Fiddler (Sgurr an Fhidhleir) was fantastic!

While Cul Mor and Cul Beag were quite challenging in their ways, the Fiddler provided the best views for the least effort of any mountain we've ever climbed.  O0

After an initial steep clamber up a rocky path, the terrain levels off and the walking is easy for a fair distance. To the right (but not in my photos) there's a wonderful view of Ben More Coigach with its jagged ridge. (It's a little higher than the Fiddler, but my wife doesn't do jagged ridges!)

Behind are the Summer Isles:

With not far to go, we reached the lovely pancake rocks that went all the way to the summit. Shortly after this photo, there was a torrential shower so we hurriedly put on our waterproofs and sat it out in the shelter of some rocks.

And then the sun came out and we were there. What an incredible view!  8)

Equally incredible is the drop from the ledge right in front of my wife. It's 500m straight down. She doesn't like shear drops, but only when she can see them!  ;)

So if you're ever in the Coigach, the Fiddler is not a mountain to be missed.


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Re: Climbing the fabulous Fiddler on Coigach
« Reply #1 on: 14:32:14, 16/07/20 »
Sgurr an Fhidhleir is a fantastic mountain - a giant prow of Torridonian Sandstone. Climbed it with my wife to be 3 decades ago, remember it well.
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Re: Climbing the fabulous Fiddler on Coigach
« Reply #2 on: 10:15:13, 19/07/20 »
Good to hear about trips into this very fine area for hillwalking.  It would seem that so many spend hill time seeking out the higher hills in Scotland when there is much pleasure to be had when on the smaller ones.
It took me over forty years to get to all of the higher hills of which many were grand days however I did  include lots of visits during this period of also enjoying the shapely, so called, lesser hills.
The hills in the area between Loch Broom and the Pentland Firth included several very worthwhile days out walking.
The images posted in the walk report are a reminder of these days. For a slightly longer day out the combining of Ben More Coigach with Sgurr an Fhidhleir from the road end via a ridge scramble gives a pleasant day out.
From the North side Beinn an Eoin was also a pleasant walk.