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« on: 23:55:06, 23/07/20 »
I always carry a few of the cheap disposable overshoes with me.

They are handy when putting on (and taking off) overtrousers, don't get quite as much mud on the inside of them.

Also handy when going into pubs shops etc if your boots are still a bit muddy.


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Re: overshoes
« Reply #1 on: 11:56:37, 24/07/20 »
You do it the posh way, when I used to use waterproof trousers I used a couple of Tesco bags.  :)

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Re: overshoes
« Reply #2 on: 15:09:40, 24/07/20 »
Good idea. When my internet was getting upgraded the guy put some of these on. Wish all tradesmen/repairmen would use them. I always feel bad going into a pub with muddy boots despite them having a sign saying they are welcome.


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Re: overshoes
« Reply #3 on: 16:11:22, 24/07/20 »
Not for me I'm afraid - another thing to carry, and do we really need more disposable plastic items?

If my boots are really muddy going into a pub, then I'll take them off and leave them by the door.
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Re: overshoes
« Reply #4 on: 16:57:53, 24/07/20 »
I am a no overshoes/plastic bag person.

A pub is a business but it is normally also someone's home so:
Stone or flagged floor in pub = make boots presentable then ask to enter if no sign.  A lot of rural pubs in active agricultural areas regard boots as normal attire but it is still polite to ask if you are a stranger.
Carpet on floor - usualy boots off (acid test: would I walk around my own house in them, including upstairs).

My overtrousers have almost full length side zips so I can get them on and off without taking my boots off or getting mud where it is not supposed to be.  I did have a set of overtrousers that had top to bottom side zips but you needed a PhD in Origami to get them on in anything but a flat calm.

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Re: overshoes
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I remember one group of walkers who had an unspoken competition to see who could get the most upmarket/psohest carrier bags to cover their boots. One day one person produced two bags from the Harrods shop in London.
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