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Boots cause toes to tingle
« on: 09:51:16, 10/08/20 »

I bought a pair of Meindl Pflege II a couple of years ago. Had them fitted, size bigger, wide enough -ticked all the right boxes. Regardless of how I tie them up or what socks I wear, the tingling in my toes that I get is unbearable. Starts off pins and needles-esque but then the tingling makes me feel nauseous by the end. A couple of nurofen sometimes help but not always. I often get tightness in that leg/foot so I know that it's not just down to the boots.

Before this, I had a pair of Scarpa walking boots for over 10 years. And they were a dream. No pain. nothing. Of course, i've aged since those 10 years, developed aches and pains and run a marathon since, so my legs and feet are a bit screwed anyway!

Anyway, have decided to just get a new pair. I've been trying to work out what went so wrong.

So - has anyone else had the same problem, and what did you do with your next walking boots to overcome? And what were they?
(Trying to get the toe/foot sorted as an aside anyway with physio but that'll take some time given NHS and current climate)



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Re: Boots cause toes to tingle
« Reply #1 on: 09:58:43, 10/08/20 »
High Jane,
possible too tight on the tendons on the top of your foot. This can cause the toes to have a tingling feeling.
I had that problem decades ago with a running shoe, it was slightly to wide for my foot and I tied it a bit tighter, the eyelets were nearly touching. That gave me what seems the same effect as you are having.


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Re: Boots cause toes to tingle
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Unless this only happens after very long walks when your feet really get pounded, it means your boots are not a good fit or are too small. Tingling toes indicates nerves getting pressured / cut off. When the tingling lasts afterwards, it indicates nerve damage.

Don't forget that your feet expand while walking, so a good fit in a shop doesn't always guarantee that the boots are comfortable for walking.

I think your best bet would be looking for shoes with a wider toe-box. You can also consider trailrunners if you can stand them (I can't, but they work for many people). Some models have a wide toe-box.
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Re: Boots cause toes to tingle
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I get a 'tingling' which then becomes a 'burning' and a feeling that my toes will 'lock,' usually, on the second or third day of a hike. I walk through it (painfully) and it always disappears by day four, its a real irritant! I assume its just old age and stiffening, I've never been able to really work what it is? If you do want to look for a bigger toe box, try on a pair of Keen Targee 2's or 3's, I had a pair of 2's and they were not only very comfortable and ideal for hiking but the toe area space was excellent. I know that some people do not like to be able to 'wiggle' their toes when walking but I did. My present Salomon Ultra X's are different in that the 'just about' grip my toes but again I like that as well.