Author Topic: Great Gable - Climber's Path advice wanted  (Read 321 times)


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Great Gable - Climber's Path advice wanted
« on: 11:34:04, 11/08/20 »
Hi - been quite a while since I last hello again!

A small group of us are doing Great Gable from Borrowdale this weekend.
I would like to do the Climbers' Path to get close to some of all famous features that I've heard so much about but not seen at close quarters...Sphinx, Napes etc. (We won't be climbing anything).
What is the best way to do it.....from Styhead towards Kirk Fell (clockwise) or vice versa? I want to summit and not bothered about going under Gable there a way down from Westmoreland Crag (via Little or Great Hell Gate?) that's links to it? Any advice/pointers much appreciated! Cheers


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Re: Great Gable - Climber's Path advice wanted
« Reply #1 on: 15:24:38, 11/08/20 »
Hey Rascal,

I'd personally choose to walk in via Styhead then take the Napes route before taking the arete up to the summit, Sphinx you can scramble up with hands and feet if you keep off the climbing lines and then you have a main gully push up to the summit. 

Be aware the Napes route is easy to take the wrong path for (there are a number of approach routes for climbers at different heights) so make sure you're following the contours.

I'd descend via the north west cairn line as it's a scrambly little route which isn't too tough and allows a nice view of the Ennerdale valley, but if you're in limited vis then you could downclimb the gully if you want a challenge.

Obviously like anything take a judgement on the day as in wet weather it has a seriousness about it which isn't present in dry cond.